Jessy Smith is a Graphic Designer 


Littleton, New Hampshire

2017 — Ongoing

The Littleton Food Coop is a community-owned cooperative grocer in my home town — Littleton, NH.

Littleton is a small town in Northern New Hampshire — its location near the intersection of Insterstate 91 and 93 make it a crossroads for the four metropolitan areas it lies almost directly in the center of — Montréal, Burlington, Portland (ME), and Boston.

Over the centuries, Littleton has been: an agricultural village, a factory town, a town that existed during the 80s, infamous punk supervillian GG Allin’s hometown, the final resting place of shit-covered shock rock antichrist superstar GG Allin, something about Pollyanna, the playground of Betty Davis, and has been voted “best small town in [X],” way more times than appropriate or true. 

In 2006, a group of locals decided they’d had enough of our local supermassive Wall Street backed corporate grocery store.

Inspired and assisted by another local cooperative — The Hanover Cooperative Society — the group set out on a journey that would ultimately lead to the Littleton Food Coop’s first grand opening in May of 2009. I was an angsty Junior at Littleton High School.

The Cooperative weathered the Great Recession and a few pop-up competitors to continue growth into the ought-tens, finally expanding to nearly double the original size in 2017 + also creating loads of new jobs — including mine.

The Littleton Food Coop is a HUGE part of the new Littleton  — see: ︎ NHPR, “As N.H. Ages, Littleton’s Getting Younger & Hipper — But How?

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