Jessy Smith. Certified Millenial. ︎ b. 1992; Littleton, New Hampshire.  Graphic Designer. ︎THE MarQUeE is BACK, BABY! ︎ White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshrrrrrrt. ︎ About Me. ︎︎︎Things I’m Into, Right Now and Otherwise: Ficciones Typografika #1642, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” Cinema Space Tribute, The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many, Two-Dimensional Man, Joe Rogan Experience #1330, “As New Hampshire Ages, Littleton is Getting Younger & Hipper — but How!?,” Building Together, How Do You Use the Internet Mindfully?, nflux, “Rare vines to show your hot I.H.O.P. waiter,” The Food Cooperative, The Airing of Grievances

Jessy Smith

Graphic Designer

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